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CONCERT REPERCUSSIONS: A KMT Taipei city councilor said that Chen Chin-jun on Monday had threatened to shut down the venue if concerts disturb area residents

By Sean Lin / Staff reporter

Taipei Deputy Mayor Chen Chin-jun (陳景峻) yesterday rejected claims that he had threatened to close the Taipei Arena if shows break the facility’s rules and disturb nearby residents.

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Taipei City Councilor Chin Huei-chu’s (秦慧珠) yesterday said Chen on Monday promised to close the facility at the intersection of Nanjing E and Dunhua N roads after receiving an appeal from Zhonghua Borough (中華) Warden Yu Chih-hsing (游吉興) and his wife.

The couple asked Chin to look into the problems of vibrations caused by spectators jumping up and down during concerts.

During their concert on Friday last week, the Taiwanese rock group Sodagreen encouraged fans to jump during a cover of Chang Hui-mei’s (張惠妹) hit Three Days and Three Nights as a tribute to the pop diva, whose requests to hire the venue again have been rejected by its management, Taipei Mass Rapid Transit Corp (TRTC).

Shows by Chang, also known as A-mei (阿妹), last year triggered an outcry from the arena’s neighbors, who complained about the noise and tremors.

Sodagreen has been fined NT$300,000 (US$9,375) for exceeding allowable decible levels during three songs during two performances last week, TRTC said.

The band said that it hoped the Taipei City Government would use the money from the fine to improve the arena’s infrastructure to make it “a place that is truly meant for concerts.”

According to Chin, Chen also promised Yu that he would visit borough residents when there are concerts at the arena so he could experience the problems for himself.

The deputy mayor also promised to meet with Sodagreen’s agent, Chin said.

Asked to confirm Chin’s remarks, Yu said they were true.

However, Chen issued a statement denying he had promised to shut the arena.

Sodagreen’s agent must propose plans to resolve the vibration and noise problems before the band will be allowed to perform at the Taipei Arena again, Chen said in the statement.

Failure to make the requested improvements would lead to the band’s future shows being canceled, as allowed under the contract the TRTC and performers sign book dates at the venue.

TRTC said that it is reviewing the contract to prevent similar violations and to set out content that must be provided by artists in improvement plans.

The company said it supports popular music concerts, but event organizers should refrain from encouraging fans to jump during performances to avoid disturbing nearby residents.


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